The museums and non-profit cultural institutions of Athens have decided since February 2009 to build the Athens Museums and Cultural Institutions Network.
This initiative is based on three trajectories:

  • the creation of a common ground for communication,
  • the exchange of expertise and the co-operation between members in addressing specialised problems and
  • organising join events and shared plans.

The Network’s aims are:

  • to strengthen partcipants’ voices,
  • to elaborate multifaceted schemes and,
  • to approach and involve larger audience groups in cultural agendas.

It is an efficient ‘instrument’ serving educational and cultural ends by deploying contemporary strategies. 40 museums and cultural institutions are already participating in it.
This website features general information on each Network member, news, events and educational programmes offered to adults, families, children and school groups. For further information on the Network, please contact the administration office.

For more detailed information on participating museums and institutions, please contact the pages of the members.


Last common Action of the Network

Cultural Activities (Draseis Politismou) 2018


Cultural Activities (Draseis Politismou) 2016

Δράσεις Πολιτισμού 2016

Press release in English


Previews action

Our Athens - 14&15 June 2014

Free entrance activities and events for adults and families by 15 museums and cultureal institutions.



Download the pumphlet in PDF

Download the analytical descriptions of the actions

Download the poster of the event

Press Release

The program in MS word doc